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Six month braces are exactly what they sound like — orthodontic treatment to correct crooked or misaligned teeth in about six months. Because of the relatively short treatment time and affordability compared to traditional orthodontic options, they are quickly gaining popularity across the country with adults wanting a picture-perfect smile.

The primary benefit of six month braces is in the name — patients usually only wear them for six to nine months, which is substantially shorter than traditional orthodontic processes, which can take 12-18 months or longer. But there’s so much more to it than just the short treatment times. Here are six things you need to know about six month braces.

1. They Work Like Regular Braces — But Faster

Six month braces use a low force process to move the teeth into proper position with little to no loss of root structure. They focus on altering only the teeth that show when you smile, and they don’t alter the bite. As a result, they work faster than regular braces and are often safer and more comfortable.

2. They’re Available for Both Teens & Adults

Six month braces are specifically designed for adults and teenagers at least fifteen years of age and older. They’re perfect for individuals with mildly crooked or crowded teeth who are seeking a straighter smile. They are especially popular with adults who don’t like the look and feel of regular braces, as they are hardly noticeable and the process is substantially faster.

3. They’re More Affordable than Traditional Braces

Six month braces are usually quite a bit less expensive than other orthodontic options. A shorter treatment time overall means smaller costs overall — naturally, you wouldn’t pay as much for braces for six months as you would for braces for 18 months. These braces are also usually cheaper because they require fewer dental visits than other options.

4. They Can Sometimes Take Longer Than Six Months

While the six month braces option is designed to take, on average, about six months from the application of the braces to the removal, treatment times can vary. Every mouth is different and, depending on your specific needs, your time in braces could vary anywhere from six to nine months.

5. They’re Practically Invisible

Six month braces are available in clear and tooth-colored brackets and with ultra-thin wires, making them much less visible than traditional braces. They’re designed to be as discreet as possible, so that they’re hardly noticeable.

6. They’re Not for Everyone

Six month braces — while a convenient, fast, and affordable solution—are not for everyone. They work best for adults who are looking for a cosmetic fix for visible teeth that are crooked or misaligned. They are not designed for children, young teenagers, or individuals with moderate to severe alignment, spacing, or bite issues.

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